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Chicken Mozambique

Chicken Mozambique is a popular Portuguese dish which combines tender chicken in a delicious lemon garlic sauce. The addition of some spicy and flavorful African piri piri sauce is what completes this already delicious dish. Continue Reading…

Madeiran Punch (Poncha)

Madeiran Punch, or Poncha, is one of the most famous and traditional alcoholic drinks from Madeira. It is made with Aguardente (sugar cane brandy), honey, sugar, and lemon juice. It is most typically mixed together with a mixing tool called a mexelhote, also known as a caralhinho. The Madeiran Poncha inspired the creation of the famous Brazilian caipirinha. Easy to make and perfect to enjoy during the summer months.
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Bola de Carne (Meat Bread)

Bola de Carne, or Meat Bread, is a very traditional and popular dish in Portuguese cuisine. This is one of my absolute favorite dishes as it combines different kinds of meat, in this version Azorean style spicy shredded pork “Pe de Torresmo”, along with some melted cheese, cooked inside a perfectly textured and crispy bread. Continue Reading…