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Bife com Ovo a Cavalo

‘Bife com Ovo a Cavalo’ is one of the most popular dishes in Portuguese cuisine. It is a delicious and simple dish, a deep fried steak with a sunny side egg on top and french fries on the side. It is best served with either some rice and vegetables or a small salad on the side as an accompaniment.
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Cachupa Rica

There are many ways to cook ‘Cachupa’, Cape Verde’s national dish. In a diverse archipelago such as Cape Verde, ‘Cachupa’ remains the distinct style of food for practical reasons. This version of making Cachupa is called ‘Cachupa Rica’. It uses all of the ingredients available on hand to make a richly flavorful meaty dish. Depending on the island there are various ways to cook this traditional food, with ‘Cachupa Rica’ and ‘Cachupa Pobre’ being the main two. Typically, the difference between Cachupa Rica (Rich) and Pobre (Poor), is that there are meats used in the making of Cachupa Rica.
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Azorean Beef Stew (Molha de Pico)

Molha de Pico, is an Azorean style Beef stew which originates in the island of Pico. Pico is the only island in the Azores where it snows and is the highest point in all of Portugal. With Molha de Pico, this style of cooking beef was used by the settlers of Pico to utilize all the ingredients and cook them long enough to bring out all the rich flavors in unison. This recipe uses a pressure cooker to emulate the style of cooking.
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Portuguese Feijoada (Feijoada Transmontana)

Feijoada à Transmontana is the most traditional and popular style of Portuguese feijoada and was the basis for all other feijoadas, including those in Brazil. It originated in the Northern region of Portugal and has been an integral dish of Portuguese gastronomy since. This dish is perfect for a large amount of guests and is a meaty dish combining different Portuguese flavors and spices. This is absolutely my favorite version of feijoada and is sure to impress. Continue Reading…

Portuguese Pot Roast (Carne Assada)

Carne Assada, or Portuguese Pot Roast, is the quintessential Portuguese beef dish. It combines wonderful spices and beef with some roasted potatoes into a delicious pot roast. It is an easy way to combine these ingredients into a flavorful dish that is sure to impress.
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Portuguese Meat Pie (Bolo de Carne)

This is a delicious recipe for a Portuguese style meat pie called Bolo de Carne. This style of pie originated in Germany and has been brought and intertwined with Portuguese gastronomy through the use of Portuguese ingredients of Chourico, cacoula, and spices into a meaty dish. It is quite simple and easy to make, so go ahead and try it out and tell us what you think.
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