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Chicken Mozambique

Chicken Mozambique is a popular Portuguese dish which combines tender chicken in a delicious lemon garlic sauce. The addition of some spicy and flavorful African piri piri sauce is what completes this already delicious dish. Continue Reading…

Duck Stew (Pato de Cabidela)

Pato de Cabidela is a very traditional Duck Stew dish from Macau. It is a signature dish based in both Portuguese and Macanese cuisine historically. It combines duck cooked together with red wine and duck’s blood to create a richly textured and uniquely tasting stew. It is best served in combination alongside some rice to fully savor the flavorful sauce. Chicken is also a very popular substitute for duck in this dish and both types of stew are very similar in texture and flavor.
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Goan Xacuti Chicken (Chacuti de Galinha)

Chacuti de Galinha, or Xacuti Chicken, is a curry chicken dish in Goan cuisine. It is one of the most popular goan dishes for good reason. This is an intensely flavorful dish combining chicken that is cooked with a medley of signature Goan spices called Xacuti. It typically uses poppy seeds, grated coconut, and red chilies. It is usually prepared with chicken or lamb and typically served with rice or potatoes as an accompaniment. It is also known as chacuti in Portuguese.
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Portuguese Grilled Chicken and Rice (Frango no Churrasco)

Portuguese Grilled Chicken and Rice, known as Frango no Churrasco com arroz, is a true staple of Portuguese cuisine. Using very few simple but effective ingredients and spices the chicken is cooked perfectly on the grill and served with some rice on the side. This is a hearty and delicious meal sure to fill you up and is really simple and easy to make. This is the perfect time to bust out the grill and make it just in time for the summer months.
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Simple & Easy Portuguese Barbecue Chicken

Portuguese Barbecue Chicken is one of the most traditional and popular dishes in Portuguese cuisine. Simple and easy to make, this dish is quite healthy and utilizes the natural and zesty flavor of lemon along with a spicy Portuguese paprika kick to make an unbelievably flavorful and hearty dish. It requires very easy to find ingredients you will likely find in your kitchen, so go ahead and try this traditional and delicious Portuguese dish out and tell us what you think.
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Portuguese Barbecue Beer Can Chicken

Just in the time for summer we have a great outside barbecue recipe that uses hot and spicy Portuguese peppers to marinate the classic beer can chicken. This is a delicious Portuguese style Barbecue Beer Can Chicken dish. This is a summer favorite of ours and goes with a summer salad and ice cold brew.

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