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Portuguese Chicken with Tomato Sauce (Frango com Molho de Tomate)

Today we are going to bring you guys an absolutely delicious yet simple & easy to make a Portuguese chicken with Tomato Sauce dish. It is a very healthy and hearty dish that can be made without any fuss and is unbelievably flavorful with simple but rich Portuguese ingredients. This dish perfectly embodies Portuguese cuisine in that way, simple but flavorful ingredients combined in a simple fashion combining to create a delectable, healthy dish. Go ahead and try it out, tell us what you think, we are sure you will love it!
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Chicken in Beer & Garlic Sauce (Frango com Molho de Alho e Cerveja)

Today we are going to give you guys an absolutely delicious and flavorful Portuguese style chicken dish. This dish is Chicken in Beer & Garlic sauce and is truly one of my favorite chicken recipes to make, just because it is so rich in flavor and so simple to make. The combination of the distinct beer flavor along with the bursting flavor of the garlic makes for an unbelievable sauce to enjoy the chicken with. Serve this dish over some rice to enjoy this amazing beer and garlic sauce to full effect. Try it out, and tell us what you think!
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Portuguese Chicken and Kale Salad

This is a awesome recipe for a Portuguese style Chicken and Kale Salad. This salad is absolutely delicious, really easy to make, and super healthy for you. It is packed with nutrients from the kale, the most nutritious plant in the world, along with protein from the chicken. The combination of the delicious balsamic and olive oil dressing when absorbed and cooked with the chicken makes for a simple yet flavorful dish that you will surely love as much as I do. Try it out, and tell us what you think!
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Macau African Chicken (非洲雞)(Galinha à Africana)

Our recipe of the day is a delicious dish for Macau African Chicken, known as Galinha à Africana from Macau. It is a true combination and fusion of culture and cuisine stemming from the different ingredients and style of cooking. The pimenta comes from the Portuguese side, the peanut from the African, the spice from the Chinese, and the coconut from India.
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Macanese Style Portuguese Chicken (Galinha à Portuguesa) (Po Kok Gai 葡國雞)

Po Kok Gai, or Macanese style Portuguese Chicken, is a Chinese fusion Macanese & Portuguese style chicken dish. It is a mildly spicy, slightly sweet chicken curry with a rich, creamy coconut sauce. This unbelievably flavorful sauce goes great in combination with some rice as well. In China, Macau has had a long and intertwined history with the Portuguese. Since it had been a Portuguese colony from the 16th century to 1999, the evidence of Portuguese cultural influence is all over and is a show of the beauty of the melting pots of cultures in the region. Continue Reading…