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Doce de Tomate

Doce de Tomate, or Tomato Jam, is perfect for those with a sweet tooth and appetite for unique flavor profiles. Combining savory tomatoes with sugary sweetness makes for a delicious tasting spread perfect for just about any occasion. It is very easy to make and can be made quickly and stored away for anytime use. Doce de Tomate is great for making good use of tomatoes which are nearing or slightly beyond their expiration date.

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Sonhos de Banana

Sonhos de Banana are an amazing and decadent dessert from the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe. It is also eaten in Brazil by the same name. This is a typical beignet style fried banana treat that is simple and easy to make, and is definitely sure to please those with a sweet tooth!
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Carob Brownies (Brownies de Alfarroba)

Carob Brownies, or Brownies de Alfarroba, are a unique Portuguese style take on brownies using carob, known as alfarroba, as a substitute for cocoa. Carob has been commonly used throughout Portugal for centuries, as the warm and dry Mediterranean climate of southern Portugal yields the perfect environment for the carob trees to grow. Carob lends a uniquely sweet flavor and taste to the brownies that while different, in my opinion yields a better tasting brownie. Continue Reading…

Serradura (Sawdust Pudding) (木糠布丁)

Serradura, also known as Sawdust Pudding, is a wonderful Portuguese style dessert originating in Macau during the time when it was still a part of Portugal. Serradura is a wonderful sweet treat that utilizes some heavy whipping cream along with crumbled Bolacha Maria cookies in order to create an elegant chilled dessert. Continue Reading…

Sweet Potato Cupcakes (Queijadas de Batata Doce)

Sweet Potato Cupcakes, or Queijadas de Batata Doce, are an interesting and unique take on Portuguese pastries. Queijadas de Batata Doce are very similar to Queijadas de Leite but with a sweet potato twist. Perfect during the fall season, these sweet potato cupcakes have a wonderful color along with a very smooth texture that melts in your mouth with just the right amount of sweetness.
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Meringue Kisses (Suspiros)

Suspiros, or Meringue Kisses, are a traditional Portuguese dessert typically served during weddings or during many other holiday celebrations like Christmas or Easter. They are light and airy vanilla sweets that melt perfectly in your mouth. They are simple and easy to make and are perfect for serving when guests are over.
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