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Duck with Chestnuts (Pato com Castanhas)

Duck with Chestnuts, or Pato com Castanhas, is a traditional recipe during the holidays in Portugal. The rich flavors of the roasted chestnuts and prunes truly add a unique flavor to this wonderful holiday dish. The duck is first briefly seared and then baked to give the meat a tender and delicious texture. Continue Reading…

Chouriço Stuffing

Chouriço stuffing is a traditional Portuguese-American food that is typically enjoyed on the day of Thanksgiving. The stuffing itself is a very standard and traditional style of Thanksgiving stuffing but with the nice added addition of the chouriço’s rich and smokey flavor. It is a simple and easy to make dish that will surely be enjoyed by all for the holidays.
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Pork Rinds (Torresmos)

Pork Rinds, or Torresmos as they are known in Portugal, are a very traditional and popular delicacy. They are unbelievably rich and flavorful pork rinds that are fried to golden perfection. They are quite simple and easy to make, perfect for serving when guests are around as appetizers or even as a complementary side dish.
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Smashed Potatoes (Batatas a Murro)

Batatas a Murro, or Smashed Potatoes, is a traditional Portuguese potato dish that uses a unique style of preparation. Potatoes came from Chile to Europe during the ‘Age of Discoveries’. It quickly became a ‘crop of the people’ and fueled the growth of the European population. Since then it has been a traditional condiment in Portuguese cuisine, for its preparation, simplicity and great flavor. As a good Mediterranean old dish, ‘batatas a murro’ combines lots of olive oil and garlic to create soft and delicious ‘punched’ potatoes. Continue Reading…

Lamb Stew (Chanfana de Borrego)

Photo Courtesy of Azores Adventures

Chanfana de Borrego, or Lamb Stew, is a variation of one of the most signature dishes in Portuguese traditional cuisine. Chanfana is a meat stew made with lamb (or goat) combining flavorful ingredients like bacon, mint, garlic, and piri-piri in a tasteful dish that has a slightly spicy kick. Continue Reading…

Broa de Avintes

Broa is a type of cornbread traditionally made in Northern Portugal and Galicia. The bread of Avintes, known as Broa de Avintes, is a very traditional type of bread in Portuguese cuisine and is one of the more unique delicacies because of its dark color and distinct bittersweet flavor. It is a hearty bread made with flour, corn and rye. Cooking the bread can be a lengthy and time consuming process but is well worth the patience and effort for such a great bread.
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