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Chouriço and Peppers

Chouriço and Peppers in the slow cooker, it does’t get much better than this. A super hearty and savory dish perfect for just about any chouriço lover. Perfect for eating in a sandwich or stand alone just as well. The unbelievable savory flavor from the chouriço with a slightly spicy kick mixes perfectly while getting slow cooked in combination with the rest of the ingredients. This recipe is very simple and easy to make. Just the wonderful smell of chouriço and peppers in the slow cooker makes this an worthwhile experience in and of itself.
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Bola de Carne (Meat Bread)

Bola de Carne, or Meat Bread, is a very traditional and popular dish in Portuguese cuisine. This is one of my absolute favorite dishes as it combines different kinds of meat, in this version Azorean style spicy shredded pork “Pe de Torresmo”, along with some melted cheese, cooked inside a perfectly textured and crispy bread. Continue Reading…

Chouriço Stuffing

Chouriço stuffing is a traditional Portuguese-American food that is typically enjoyed on the day of Thanksgiving. The stuffing itself is a very standard and traditional style of Thanksgiving stuffing but with the nice added addition of the chouriço’s rich and smokey flavor. It is a simple and easy to make dish that will surely be enjoyed by all for the holidays.
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Pork Rinds (Torresmos)

Pork Rinds, or Torresmos as they are known in Portugal, are a very traditional and popular delicacy. They are unbelievably rich and flavorful pork rinds that are fried to golden perfection. They are quite simple and easy to make, perfect for serving when guests are around as appetizers or even as a complementary side dish.
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Grilled Chourico (Chouriço Assado)

Portuguese chourico is extremely flavorful and just the right amount of spicy. Grilled Chourico, or Chouriço Assado, is a very traditional technique of flame grilling this delicious sausage. It utilizes a signature ceramic bowl called a assador de barro for cooking the chourico along with some agua ardente, or high content alcohol, to flame grill the chourico in a easy and quick way. This is a great snack to enjoy in the summer alongside a cold drink like a Portuguese beer.
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