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King Crab Legs (Pernas de Caranguejo Real)

The Portuguese are prolific crab eaters. My family immigrated to the Northeast U.S. and brought their love of crabs with them. A staple for crabs in New England are the Caranguejo Real, or King Crab. The king crab is the cold water long legged titan of the frozen ocean. Packed full of delicious meat, king crabs legs have a salty sweet flavor and are excellent for a variety of seafood dishes. Continue Reading…

Portuguese Crab Boil

Our recipe for boiling crabs here at Easy Portuguese Recipes is more of a method. This recipe brings together Portuguese and New England style cooking methods into a delicious Atlantic crab boil that is simple and easy to make. It combines spicy crushed peppers and piri piri to give the crab meat a hot and tangy flavor. Another very important ingredient is the coarse sea salt, which gives the crab a briny taste and really bring out the natural flavor of the meat.

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Stuffed Squid (Lulas Recheadas)

Stuffed Squid, or Lulas Recheadas, is a signature seafood dish in Portuguese cuisine. They are squid, deliciously filled with chourico, garlic, and onions. Stuffed squid is a flavorful Portuguese seafood dish that is simple and easy to make, and always sure to impress.
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Shrimp Croquettes (Rissóis de Camarão)

Rissóis de Camarão are signature Portuguese Shrimp Croquettes. These are savory seafood treats filled with shrimp and other Portuguese style ingredients in a delicious filling, deep fried in the signature Portuguese rissóis style. They are perfect to eat as a side or on their own as a meal, but always sure to impress.
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Seafood Pasta (Massada de Marisco)

‘Massada de Marisco’ is a popular Portuguese style seafood pasta dish. It is a delicious seafood medley combining shrimp, mussels, clams and lobster along with typical Portuguese flavors like piri-piri and white wine. This makes for a great seafood pasta dish with intense flavors that is sure to impress.
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Chouriço Stuffed Clams

Chouriço Stuffed Clams are a New England style seafood dish which adds Portuguese style flavors like chouriço sausage. Adding chouriço, which is a signature and traditional Portuguese style pork sausage, to the stuffed clams, adds a rich savory flavor and a spicy kick. This dish is a simple and easy Portuguese variation on eating New England style baked stuff clams that is perfect for the beginning of the fall.
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