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Tigelada (Azorean Custard)

Tigelada is a traditional Azorean Custard recipe. It is a delicious dessert that resembles creme-brulee but has slightly different components, and is cooked Portuguese style in a ceramic bowl. This is a smooth textured and sweet dessert that is very simple and easy to make but always sure to impress.
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Malassadas “Fried Dough”

Continuing the trend of pastries comes one of the most delicious and popular Portuguese confections there are, and it just happens to be my personal favorite. This dish is traditionally called “malassadas”, or Portuguese fried dough. They originated in the islands of Madeira, and have since become a staple of Portuguese sweets.
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Bolacha Maria Flan

Recipe for Portuguese Bolacha Maria Flan, a wonderfully fun and tasty dish for all ages. Portuguese Comfort food in its most unique form. Just as easy as yelling BAM! Emeril, take it away!
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