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Cashew and Potato Cake (Bolo Polana)

Bolo Polana, a Cashew and Potato Cake, is a traditional dessert in Mozambican cuisine. Polana is the name of a neighborhood in Maputo, Mozambique’s capital. This cake is a great example of the combination of Portuguese and Mozambique ingredients. The unique combination of cashews and potatoes yields a unbelievably rich cake with a smooth nutty flavor.
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Yellow Coconut Pudding (Cocada Amarela)

Cocada Amarela is a Yellow Coconut Pudding originating in Angola. It is a richly tasting dessert made principally from eggs and coconut and has a appetizing yellow color due to the egg yolks and a uniquely distinctive coconut taste. The dessert is a type of pudding and is usually best served while still slightly warm, although it can also be served chilled.
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Mozambique Papaya Egg Pudding (Creme de Mamão)

Creme de Mamão is a Mozambique Papaya Egg Pudding that is a very popular dessert in Mozambique. It combines the Portuguese style of egg puddings with the Mozambique flavors of Papaya in a smooth and creamy light dessert. Simple and easy to make, it is perfect for enjoying in the summer months.
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