Recipe of the Day: Portuguese Orange Chicken (Frango Com Laranja)

Frango com Laranja is a typical Portuguese recipe which is absolutely delicious and uses simple ingredients to create an awesome dish. Using the most simple ingredients possible in combination to make an interesting dish is the true way of Portuguese cooking. The delicious orange citrus flavor is absorbed in the chicken’s flavor really well when cooking and is perfect to serve with some rice. This is super easy to make and the ingredients are simple to find so go ahead and try this delicious Portuguese dish out and tell us what you think!

1 Whole Chicken
3 & a half tablespoons Butter
1 Garlic Clove
1 Bay Leaf
1 Cube Beef stock
Orange Juice to taste
2 cups Water
1 Orange Cut into slices for decoration

1) Break the chicken into pieces, and place them into a saucepan with the butter, garlic, and bay leaf.
2) Turn on the heat for the saucepan and leave it on medium until the chicken begins getting a golden color, then add the water.
3) Once the the water has evaporated begin adding the orange juice and mix the ingredients in the saucepan until the dish is well mixed and done.
4) Place everything in the saucepan onto a serving dish and decorate with orange slices. Serve and enjoy!

*You can also serve with some boiled rice as well which goes great with the orange sauce*

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